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Randy and Becca's weather and gardening site.

You will also find links about local weather forecast and our gardening ambitions on Fox Run and the progress we have made and also the joys we have found in our garden.

We have 5 gently sloping acres in the Sierra Nevada's that we acquired 7 years ago to the date I'm writing this February 1st 2008. The property has a small 40+ tree orchard which sadly we don't have time for and am looking to find someone who would like to work it.

I have a great passion for weather observation and installed a personal weather station 4 years ago, which I've wanted for many years and Becca and I decided we should finally purchase one. The weather observations you see on this site are driven by this weather station so check back if you need a weather update.

I have built a small 3x6 pond with about a 15' stream and two water falls in the rear of the house and it serves as the center piece for what we were hoping would be a nice urban yard area for entertaining. Well dreams do come true. Last year I spent about 200+hrs and created a small oasis in the forest for us, our dogs and friends to enjoy during the summer.

I want to thank Dave my good friend for his time and expertise that made some of the structures come to life (concrete walk ways, sun deck...etc.). I also want to thank our sons Tyler and Lee and some of the local boys for helping with the lawn which I said I would never do (labor intensive, water user...etc.) but have become obsessed with and am happy to labor over. Also there’s Ernie’s tireless effort in helping maintain the garden by watering racking among other things. Last but not least I want to thank my wife for supporting me in all my endeavors including this one.


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Updated 03/09