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Becca and I looked at this disaster area for six years while I tried to figure out what to do. I had many ideas but it wasnít until our friend Dave built a concrete walkway around the house. Once that happened we finally had a frame that inspired me to start with the landscaping of this area.


First I built a retaining wall around the pond that I installed 2 years prior. I filled the void inside the retaining wall with topsoil and placed various plantings. Next I created slate steps that bordered the retaining wall. At that point I hit a wall. I had this large area bordering the cement walkway and the slate steps and didnít know what to fill this space with. The obvious choice was a lawn but I had always abhorred lawns due to the excessive  water use and the maintenance involved. I relented since it was the most expedient thing to do. The funny thing is I love the lawn. Mowing it brings me an unusual pleasure that I wasnít expecting.


Before the lawn went in I set a temporary pool for Tyler and Lee to use for the summer. Tyler and his friend Davis helped roll out the lawn after I installed the sprinkler system. Then when the summer was over I removed the pool since it was an eye sore to me.


Again I had to fill a large area(12íx12í) with something. I Could finish it out with more lawn but the idea of a sun deck for Becca seemed like a great idea. Here is the problem, I am not the best with wood structures. Especially making wood structures level. In comes our good friend Dave who guided me on the sub structure. Then winter hit so the deck was postponed till spring. Finally spring sprung as it does and I was hankering to finish that deck which I did with Daveís help.


The below pictures show the transformation pictorially as explained above. Most of the structures I wanted to create are now finished but check back, as the yard develops Iíll add new photos.


What we looked at for six years.


Another angle. You can see the new cement walkway and the wood for the retaining wall.


Just finished the lawn and am finishing the slate walkway.


Another angle of the lawn.


Here is where the pool was and the start of the sun deck.


The deck finished.


The next pond location.




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Updated 03/09